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I am still making the most of summer fashion. I can smell autumn but the sun is still out on most days thankfully, so I am still rocking my summer wardrobe. I love summer fashion so much. It is so vibrant and full of life, it ia hard not to love. I particularly love the bright coloured pieces and accessories. They make me feel alive and ready to take on the world.

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I never wore much colour back in my teen years. You would only catch me in monochrome pieces 99% of the time. Maybe it had to do with hormones or me finding myself but I am happy I now wear some colour. It is a lot more fun to dress up now.

I wore this outfit some days ago. I have not worn a pair of jeans in weeks because of how warm it has been (I get really hot in jeans), so I was happy to get into my good old Molly jeans.

The coral top is a new addition to my wardrobe. I love the colour and the design of the top. It feels amazing and it looks great. I will be wearing this beauty in many summers to come.


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River Outfit Jeans Picture


This beautiful sparkly nude leather embellished summer sandals is also a new addition to my summer wardrobe. I love how sparkly and comfortable it is. I am hardly in flats these days but this beauty right here is definitely a keeper.

River Island Sandals Image

Summer Sandals Image


Overall, I was really happy with this look. And I am also very pleased with my new hair. I am rocking the straight long hair look this August, and I like it.


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What are your thoughts on summer fashion? What do you think of this look?



Coral top – Quiz

Black Molly Jeans – River Island

Nude Embellished Leather Sandals – c/o River Island

Sunnies – Lacoste

Bag – Guess

Watch – D&G

Earrings – Swarovski




10 Ways To Deal With Blogger Burnout

‘I find it so hard to switch off, but when I do switch off, I find it even harder to switch back on. So I am gonna stay on’.

This was my Tweet some days ago and it got me thinking about blogger burnout. What happens when we can no longer stay on but afraid to switch off? What happens when we rely on our blog for income and cannot afford to just not blog?

Blogger Burnout

(picture has nothing to do with the post, just like it)

Blogger burnout is real and it happens to many of us. Here are some tips to avoid burning out:

Have a To-do List

I start my day knowing exactly what needs to be done in order of priority and I tick off every completed tasks. It keeps me organised, and helps get the work done quicker.

Schedule Posts in Advance

I try to write a week’s content in advance. This saves the stress of having to write a post and publish on the same day, and it helps me relax. However, sometimes, I may have to write and publish a collaborative post on the same day but this rarely happens.

Take Pictures in Advance

As you can tell by now, a lot of my blog work is done in advance. I take pictures of samples weeks before they appear on the blog, outfit pictures are usually taken days in advance. This helps me plan my blog content and saves the stress of having to complete too many tasks on the same day.

Go For Walks

I try to go for walks as often as possible as walking helps clear my mind. Whenever I am stuck on a post, I shut my laptop and go for a short walk and it usually helps. I come back fully energised, bursting with ideas.


I plan content for Fashion and Style Police and my client’s sites in advance and I dedicate separate days in the week for each of them. So for example, I could have the whole of Monday to plan posts for my blog, dedicate the whole of Tuesday to plan posts for a client’s site, then have Wednesday to write my book. That way, I am focused and the writing flows easier.

Write Everyday

This sounds crazy but it works I promise. For me to avoid a writer’s block, which results to a blogger burnout, I make sure I write at least 500 words a day regardless of what I am working on. I usually write way more than that but I make sure to hit 500 words a day. This keeps my brain exercised. If I take a day or 2 off writing, I struggle to get back in the game.

Read a Book

One of the ways I take time off writing and blogging is by reading a book. I enjoy reading on my Amazon Kindle. I love the fact that I can think of any book and start reading it in minutes. I usually read a book a day, and it relaxes me and gives me fresh ideas.


A good way to avoid and recover from blogger burnout is to have a power nap or a good night sleep. So when next you feel like you have had enough, go straight back to bed. It works like magic.

Read Other Blogs

I am always on the lookout for a cool blog and I find that I relax and get inspired when I find such blogs.

Learn to Say NO

Now this last tip is very important as most of us find it so hard to say NO. For example, I reject half of the product reviews requests I get now because I am struggling to cope. I try to limit the product reviews posts to one a week (don’t want to bore you guys too much), and I have months of product reviews posts lined up already so I only accept and say yes to products that have me jumping out of my chair. Try to say YES and focus on what will help your blog get to the next level and say NO to everything else. Every collaboration has to be mutually beneficial for it to be worth your time and effort.


So there you have it. These are the ways I avoid and handle blogger burnout. Do you have any tried and tested tips to add? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.





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