Why you should read my blog

Blogging has been such an amazing journey for me. Looking back I realized how much I have grown over the years. It’s been quite an experience sharing my thoughts, tips and updates. This blog has gone through a series of changes and I appreciate everyone who has stuck around all these years following my blog. I noticed that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people who read my blog. So I just wanted to let you know why you should keep reading my blog.



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You get daily updates when you read my blog

Unlike most blogs, I blog daily. The reason is because I can’t help myself. Fashion and Style Police is like an addiction. I just have to blog. Showing up everyday to serve you and provide you with value is a priority for me. I also want to make sure I feed my creativity.


You get the best of the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Aside from giving you regular updates, I dish out fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration/information. Most of the articles you see here are evergreen and timely. I put in time to make sure that you get high quality information that you can always come back to whenever you need it.


I share my personal experiences

All the content I share has a personal touch. I want to be able to relate with you all and for you to relate with me. I hardly write about things I have not personally used or things I have not personally experienced.



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My goal is to build a close relationship with you

I wanted my blog to be more like you and I sitting at a café and chatting about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My blog focuses on harnessing that relationship. As I share my personal stories and my perspectives about life and fashion, I make sure that we can relate with each other.


I encourage you to get creative

Fashion is not about following what designers or fashion critics say is fashionable. Beauty is not all about the next makeup product that must be in your makeup bag, just because the makeup gods said so. I want to encourage you through my blog to dictate your own taste.  If you are a regular reader, you would know that I have mentioned several times on here, on how I love mixing and matching outfits and experimenting with different styles. I believe more people should give themselves permission to be creative and be stylish in their own way.


You’ll learn to be more business savvy

I’m not only a blogger, I run a business. I share my experiences creating a laptop based lifestyle where I’m not dependent on a 9-to-5. As you read my blog, you will get to learn how to start a business of your own or monetize your blog so that you can be financially free.

The tips I share are my real life experiences and business hacks that have helped me provide a comfortable living for my family as well as do the job that gives me fulfillment.


Why do you read blogs you read? Looking forward to reading your responses.

Why You Should Go On a Summer Holiday

If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while now, you would know how much I love travelling. And how I find the time to travel every year, especially during summer. I find it the most enlightening, refreshing and educative activity that anyone could ever engage in.  Many people I know have never left the town they were born in, and I find that shocking. These people have never travelled all their lives for various reasons. But many of them do feel like traveling is a waste of time and money. They don’t know what they are missing. So this why you should go on a summer holiday post should open their eyes to why they need a good break every now and again.


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For those who have not done much travelling, I want to challenge you today to take a trip. You don’t necessarily have to travel far away before you can experience the benefits of travel. Going to a neighbouring town is just as good as flying to a country on the other side of the world.

If you think that going on holiday is a waste of time and money, then you’re absolutely wrong! I can assure you that ever since I started travelling, I have been more open-minded and more appreciative of people and their various cultures. It’s really exciting! The adrenaline rush I get before and during a holiday is second to no other.


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If you’re still a little skeptical, then here are some reasons why you should book a holiday.


To learn about different cultures

There’s nothing like experiencing first hand another country’s culture. Let’s face it, when you the country you live is all you have ever known then it becomes tempting to believe that where you live is all there is. There is a world out there with people of diverse cultures. It gives you an opportunity to know how other people live their lives and what their values are.

When you go on holiday you get the chance to be completely immersed in the lifestyle of a different culture than your own. You tend to develop this deep respect for diversity.


Going on a summer holiday gives you the opportunity to take time off to relax

As educative as going on holiday is, one of the key reasons why people go on holiday is to relax from a whole year of work and stress. Sitting on the sandy beach, going on a hike through nature or going sightseeing is a nice way to unwind and take your mind off work. It’s exhilarating and at the end of your holiday to end up feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the world.



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To open you up to new perspectives

This is by far, the most fruitful part of going on holiday. Going on holiday makes you open-minded. When you are on holiday, you get the chance to see, live and experience things that are totally different from what you are used to. This challenges you to think wide and to open you to new possibilities.

Any time I go on holiday, I find myself filled with bursts of inspiration. My creativity levels are high and I feel more energized.


Summer Holiday present the best opportunity to spend quality time with your family

If you have ever been looking for the right time to spend quality time with your family, then going on holiday is the best option. When you are on holiday, you are far away from anything that will keep you away from your family. That is a wonderful time to bond with your family, and have some fun.


Where are you off to this summer?

Spring Decorating Inspiration

With Spring coming up, I have started thinking about new fresh ways to refresh some of the rooms in our house. The Spring season makes me want to decorate; I think it has to do with the coolness of the weather and the rays of sunshine after having months of extreme cold temperatures. Plus, I love interior decoration so any reason to decorate really.

I have been snooping around for some home decorating inspiration, and I recently discovered some amazing homeware items available at the Altrincham Retail Park, I can’t wait to grab a few. This homeware spring/summer 2017 season is all about bold exotic prints and colours; pastel accessories will also be a home trend, so get ready to be in awe.

Here are some of the items that have caught my eye –

Argos Happiness Collection Home Canvas £7.99


This Happiness AT Home Canvas would look great in my living room. I love the simple floral design and the message. It is full of warmth and the light price tag of £7.99 makes it even more amazing.

This canvas would create a cosy atmosphere in every home. It would great in a hallway or living room.

Homebase Exotic Bird Pink Wallpaper £20


This Homebase Exotic Bird Pink Wallpaper would be a great tropical home accessory. Having this beauty on the wall of a room would be so beautiful. I have a few decorating ideas with this wallpaper in mind.

T.K. Maxx Cream Floral Cushion £12.99


This T.K. Maxx Cream Floral Cushion is a true beauty, I am so in love with it. The floral design is so beautiful. It would look amazing on my black sofa, and the price at £12.99 is fabulous as well. Some of my cushions have gone super flat, and need to be changed, so I can clearly see myself grabbing of these cushions.

T.K. Maxx Pineapple Shaker £12.99


This Pineapple Shaker is a quirky storage option that will bring some life into any home. I love the quirkiness of it. I can see it fitting well in my kitchen and my bedroom. It would be a great home addition this spring.

The beauty of all these items apart from the fact that they are amazing, is that they are all £20 and under, which makes them affordable for many. And they are all within reach for me, I can grab them easily at Altrincham Retail Park, which is just a few minutes from where I am.

What are your thought on this new spring/summer home trend? Did any of these items catch your eye?

*Collaborative Post.

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