6 Small Business Ideas for Bloggers

Blogging is hard work, and for some, it may be all for little or nothing in return. I always like to look at the big picture, and looking at the Blogging Industry, I know it will be around forever, but will continue to evolve. And that is why I keep thinking of additional ways of making money from home. Which has pushed me to writing this post about 6 Small Business Ideas for Bloggers. I hope someone out there finds this post and the small business ideas useful.




Small Business Ideas for Bloggers
Blogging Coach

The Blogging Coach field has taken off with a bang, starting from the US and now in the UK. There are so many coaches in various fields, and it may look like a saturated market, and it is, but I believe there is always space for Quality. For you to be a Coach of something, means you are a Guru in that field. It means you are successful in what you do, and you want to guide, inform and educate others on how to achieve the same level of success.

The issue I have with many Blogging Coaches and Coaches in general, is that many of them are not successful in what they do. You can’t teach me how to earn £3,000 a month from blog, when you are not earning half of that. The same way you can’t help me get up to 20,000 monthly views on YouTube, when you are only getting 1000 views a month. Many of these Coaches just sell the dream, and take your money. That is a scam, the success dream is free.

Before you pay a Coach to lead or mentor you, make sure the person has a successful track record in the niche. A good Blogging Coach would put the success where the mouth is!


Ghost Blogger

Apart from writing your blog, you could also write for other blogs as a Ghost Blogger. The way it works is, you write articles for other websites and blogs and the blog owners go on to publish the articles as their own, with no reference to you or your blog. I know a couple of people who are Ghost Bloggers and they make a decent income from it. If you are super creative and a good writer, this might be the best job for you.



I am a copywriter. I have a few clients I supply articles on a monthly basis, and I enjoy it. It is a great additional income stream, and it keeps me busy. Most of my clients find me through my blog and my social media platforms. I also find some clients on Upwork and People per Hour. It can be tricky to get paid what you are worth, but I know what I am happy to accept and stick to it. At the end of the day, the quality of my work speaks for itself, and I only target clients I know would appreciate my work and my rates.



I wrote an eBook – How to Cash In as a Blogger, last year, and although I am yet to get rich on it. It has opened doors to loads of collaborations. I plan to write some more books in future, and I think it is a great way of having an additional income, if you have a great topic or theme to write about. It is unlikely you would get rich or even comfortable from your book sales, but it may open doors to greater things. It may also give you the credibility you need to excel in your other businesses. And it could also be a bestseller. You will never know until you try.




Many Bloggers are Vloggers, so YouTube is worth paying some attention, as there is a whole new market waiting to be tapped. I know many Vloggers many crazy amounts of money, some earning more than my GP. It is a field I am seriously contemplating getting into. If you are happy and confident being in front of a camera, this might be the right job/hobby for you.



This is like the audio version of YouTube, and worth looking into if you have great content to share and you rather stay off the camera. Plus it helps if you speak well and have a great voice. I love the Pro Blogger Podcast.


These are just some of the many small business ideas available to bloggers. Do you find any interesting?


How To Attract The ‘Right’ Traffic To Your Blog

If you want to attract just anyone to your blog, am sure you will find various posts/articles online everywhere telling you how to. This post is different. When I think of attracting the ‘right’ traffic, I am thinking of attracting people who will like and comment on my posts, follow me on my social media channels and most importantly, visit my blog again.

Most blog visitors make up their mind about a blog within seconds of reading it, so that first impression will determine if they visit the blog again or not. A good first impression will mean a good blog layout, fewer ads, and many other factors, but that will be a topic for another day. Let’s focus on attracting the ‘right’ visitors to your blog.


Here are some tried and tested strategies that have worked for my blog:

Facebook Groups

Join the relevant Facebook groups in your niche. There are so many of them on Facebook. For most of them,  you will have to request to join but you are usually accepted within hours of requesting. I am a member of UK Bloggers Group, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Group, Fashion Bloggers and UK Blogger Opportunities and they are all amazing groups. I like UK Bloggers Group in particular because there is a lot of engagement within the group. I have learnt a lot from the group members and my traffic and blog engagement has increased since I joined. That is what I mean by the ‘right’traffic. I have also discovered some amazing blogs and  bloggers.

Facebook Ads

Still on Facebook, I am assuming you have a Facebook page for your blog, if not, stop reading and create one now. If you do have one, set up a Facebook ad to promote your page. You can set it for as long as you like and spend whatever amount you are comfortable spending every day for as long as you want. You can select the specific countries you want your audience from, and the age, gender and their interests. I have found this very useful in attracting the right traffic to Fashion and Style Police because people who are interested in what I have to say, like my page, and engage with my blog.

Twitter Chats

I take part in various weekly Twitter chats. The hashtags of some of the chats I take part in are #fblchat, #bdib #fbloggers. I attract the right traffic when I take part in these chats. I also discover new blogs to follow and make new friends so they are quite good. Check out relevant Twitter chats in you niche and get involved. Your blog will thank you for it.

Twitter Harshtags

I use relevant Twitter hashtags in my niche to promote my blog content. I use #fbloggers #bbloggers #bloggers and so on, depending on what the post is about. I attract like-minded people to my blog and I find that they comment, like and/or follow my blog. That is the right traffic.

Comment on other blogs

I usually find the time every week to comment and follow other blogs I like. I find that 99% of the time, the blogger visits, comments and follows me right back without me asking for a follow back. Let me also add that I take the time to actually read the post and leave a ‘real’ comment. I tend not to visit and comment on very big blogs. I go for smaller blogs or blogs with similar following and engagement as my blog, I find that I attract the ‘right’ traffic when I do this as most of the readers are genuinely interested in those smaller blogs than the very big blogs, and they visit my blog and subscribe in one way or the other.

So there. You have the secrets to my blog engagement.  Share some of yours in the comment section if you have a blog. If you don’t, tell me why you enjoy reading my blog.




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