Stylish Turbans for Women

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I love head coverings and I have quite a few in my wardrobe. I like my head covered most of the time and I have been like this since my teenage years. This is why it is super amazing to see so many stylish turbans for women now available. I am forever adding to my ever-growing turban collection. There are so many trendy options to choose from. Here are some of my current favourites:

3 Pieces Headwrap for Women Soft Pre Tied Knot Fashion Pleated Turban £11.99

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These stylish turbans for women are so beautiful and comfy. I got them a couple of months ago and they are really nice. I love that there come in different colours and they blend in nicely with my wardrobe. These turbans are one size fits all, and they are also elastic. The fashion knot design is so stylish.

It makes the turbans even more attractive, and they are pre-tied and so easy to wear. Also, they wash really well. I have washed the turbans many times and they still look very good. Do you like them?

You can shop for this set here –

4 Pieces African Women Turban Cap Beaded Headscarf Beanie Twisted Braid Wrap Hat Faux Pearl Headwrap 

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These headwraps are simply stunning. I love the design and the colours a lot! They are super trendy and they look so fabulous. I love how they sit so elegantly. These turbans are definitely on my wishlist. I have nothing like these. What do you think of these designs?

You can shop them here –

4 Pieces Stretch Jersey Turban Head Wrap Knit Headwraps for Women 
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These stretch turban head wraps are so pretty. I love the colours they come in and they look like they would fit pretty much everyone. I sometimes struggle with turbans that are not pre-tied because I find it tricky to get them looking like how the models wear them but I have also noticed the pre-tied do not look as good as these ones. Which do you prefer?

You can shop this set here –

Do you wear turbans or head coverings? What do you think of these pieces here?




4 Fashion Hacks for Accessories

Accessories have the power to make and break any outfit, so I thought sharing some fashion hacks for accessories will be a cool idea. I have previously written about fashion hacks for jewellery, fashion hacks for handbags and fashion hacks for shoes, so catch up on those posts if you missed them.

Here are my top 4 fashion hacks for accessories:


Add a Hat

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A hat attracts a lot of attention so make sure you style it right, so it looks good. It takes a lot of confidence to pull this look off because you will definitely stand out from the rest so make sure you are ready for the attention or the looks you will be getting, or just fake the confidence like I do sometimes.


Grab the Sunnies

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If you have been reading this blog long enough, you will know I hardly ever appear without my sunnies. I have quite a few now, and I still plan to add more to my collection. I wear my sunnies for comfort than style. I am short-sighted, so I wear contact lenses, and I squint my eyes a lot in sunlight.

A pair of sunglasses is the most versatile accessory you can have. They are super stylish. Having a pair of sunglasses on make you look too cool for school, and you hide your eyebags, red eyes, no eye makeup, and many more under them. Seriously, if you don’t have a pair of sunglasses, you don’t know what you are missing.



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Scarves have the power to change a look completely. I have quite a few scarves for different seasons, and I find them so easy to style. If you want to experiment with your accessory game, I suggest you start with scarves. You can’t go wrong with them.


A watch can add a touch of class to any outfit. Plus, it’s a useful and functional accessory that has a purpose – it can help you to tell the time in professional or social situations without being rude and looking at your phone. Browse Rolex Daytona watches for the best of the best!

So there you have my top 4 fashion hacks for accessories. Whatever you do, always remember to keep it effortless and simple. Once an outfit looks like you tried too hard, it ruins the look. Never over-accessorize, it will make you look confusing. Stick with 1 or 2 key accessories at a time, and you will slay the look.

Do you have any tips to share?


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