April 2016 Outfits*

So April was quite an interesting month as far as outfits were concerned. I had fun styling various pieces. I went out of my comfort zone with some outfits, but I had fun shooting every outfit post. My wardrobe is gradually transitioning into spring/summer style, and I am loving it, but sometimes I feel like I brought out my spring/summer pieces too soon. It feels like it is still winter some days. I even had to put the heating back on. Well, I hope as we step into the month of May, the sunshine and warmth steps along with us.


OOTD: Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots Picture

I love this outfit a lot as it represents a bit of my African roots. I enjoyed styling this outfit. It took me outside my comfort zone, as I hardly wear African prints these days. It felt good to rock this beautiful skirt without tights. Not sure I can try that at the moment, as it is currently a lot colder, but will do once it gets warmer.


OOTD: A Textured Dress & a Biker Jacket

Textured Dress Image

April was the month of dresses and skirts. I wore a lot of them and it felt good to take a much deserved break from my usual jeggings/leggings. This textured dress and biker leather jacket was popular with the readers. In fact, it was the second most popular outfit post (Back to the Roots above was the first) for the month of April. Maybe because many found the outfits relatable?


OOTD: Fashion and Style Police Has a Tshirt

White T-shirt Image

Yes she does and I am looking forward to wearing this personalised tshirt all summer. Many of you may wonder why I am always hiding behind a big pair of sunglasses most times. Apart from the fact that I love rocking sunglasses, I find them so stylish, I am also short-sighted, so I have contact lenses most times, and my eyes don’t do well in the sun at all. It gives me headaches, because I have to squint and strain my eyes, so it is a lot easier to pop some sunglasses on. That is what they are really meant for anyways, and I thank God for whoever invented them. They are lifesaver.

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OOTD:Spring/Summer Outfit

Looking Summery Image

I love EVERYTHING about this look. The shoes (best shoes ever), the lace dress, the bracelets, the sunglasses, everything.I have a couple of events planned for the year, and I can picture these beauties making an appearance. I am in love with this look.


OOTD: How to Style a Black Dress

Black Dress Picture

Many fell in love with this look and I can now see why. It is because many could relate to it. It is a simple, girl next door look and it works. I must confess, I didn’t think it was all that until the post went live and the comments started flying in both online and offline. It has become my favourite look for April.

So there you have them, my 5 outfits for the month of April.

What do you think of the looks? Which is your favourite outfit?







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  1. I love all the out fits, they are lovely. My favourite is the skirt in the first pic. It is beautiful, the prints and colours are lovely .

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