June 2016 Outfits

I still cannot believe June is over already. I mean, it only just started right? June was a very exciting month as far as Fashion and Style Police was concerned. I published a post everyday, multiple times most days and it has now become a habit.

June outfits were quite popular, and I am happy you all loved them as much as I enjoyed styling them. Here is a quick recap incase you missed it:


OOTD: Heels & Socks Trend

Fashion & Style Police Image


I enjoyed styling this look. I haven’t rocked the heels and socks trend in years, so styling this look brought back sweet mermories. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and I intend to keep doing that from time to time. Life is way too short to wear boring clothes.


OOTD: My Protein Sportswear

My Protein Red Concreate Image


I enjoyed showing off this stunning gym kit by My Protein. I have never seen a gym kit look and feel this good. It was love at first sight. It was the most viewed outfit post for the month of June, so I guess many loved it too. I am looking forward to visiting a gym just so I can wear this gym kit, lol. I know that sounds vain but I don’t care, I love my kit.


OOTD: I’m A Shopaholic…Get Me Outta Here

Orange Little Mistress Dress Image

This orange dress by Little Mistress is a great dinner or wedding dress. I love the design and the colour of this dress and I plan to wear the life out it. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe so it filled a void nicely.


OOTD: One Wish

Outfit Image

This is another outfit I enjoyed styling. The floral print top is a great summer addition. I plan to take this beauty on holiday later in the year. I think it would look great over a bikini. Love Love Love.


OOTD: Its All About the Print

Leopard Print Outfit Picture

So I saved the best for last with this outfit. This is my favourite outfit for June. I loved the fact that this outfit was not planned. I had no idea of what shoes I was going to have on until the very last-minute, after changing my mind twice. I am glad I went for these pieces and accessories. I really like the overall look. It felt so good, I was ready to roar!

Which is your favourite? Sound off in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend.


28 responses

  1. Great outfits. My favourites are the last one, the skirt and blouse and the floral blouse. I also love the orange dress. Beautiful

  2. I love the heels and socks look you’ve gone for! I think the last time I wore the combo was when I was in the middle of my emo phase – black heels and knee high sport socks. It’ll be cool again one day, I’m sure. 😉 I really like the orange dress too! x

  3. You look fabulous in all these outfits. I think they are great! 🙂 I love the black heels and the purple skirt.

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