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Leopard Print Outfit Picture

I love animal prints so much. I think the designs look so fiery, just like I am sometimes. I guess that is the reason why I keep buying more and more animal print pieces and accessories. I just can’t get enough. I just find them so beautiful and super stylish!

Animal Print Design Image

Leopard Print Outfit Image

This Animal Print top is one of my new summer additions. The print got my attention, and I love the fact that it is a light, sleeveless top. Just what I need for this dead warm season. I can also rock this beautiful piece with a cardigan or a blazer when the weather gets a bit chilly. I like pieces I can rock in multiple seasons as I get more wear out of them, which is more value for money.

Oasis Animal Print Top Image

The bag is also another summer newbie. I love my bags quality, so I knew I had to have this beauty once I laid my eyes on it. I love the colours, and the size. It was also sale, which was a plus. I can see myself rocking these newbies for a long time because they both complement my existing wardrobe, and that is a HUGE deal for me. Nowadays, I hardly go on massive shopping sprees, where is the money? But when I do go shopping, I like getting what I NEED, or what I think I NEED, and I make sure whatever it is I am getting complements my existing wardrobe. That way, I never run out of options, or matching outfits if I am in the mood to match.


Fashion and Style Police Image

What do you think of Animal Print pieces and accessories? Are you a fan? Drop me a comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.



Animal Chiffon Hem Vest Top – Oasis

Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Madison Drawstring Bucket Handbag – Kenneth Cole

Animal Print Flats – Stella McCartney

Blue Skirt – Glamorous

Watch – Fossil

Activity Tracket Bracelet – Fitbit Flex





95 responses

  1. Stella you look stunning, sazzy and oh so definitely rocking. I love the way your wearing that outfit. The shoes finish the outfit beautifully. Definitely eye turning gal ;o)

    I love bold statements and animal prints. Especially styled on lion prints and abstract as that is my star sign and nature I am told. Yes I agree with. I can roar however equally I prowl too.

    I shall go and look at the top in Oasis when I get home from hols. I don’t often go into Oasis where we live as it is a bit off the normal shopping area. I shall make an effort too and should more often

  2. Wow you look gorgeous in this outfit. I love the animal print top it is great on you. I love animal prints generally. I love the way you put together the whole outfits. The flat is stunning and your hair and bag are outstanding. I will definitely go for the top.

  3. Wow, amazing top and shoes! I’ve never felt confident enough to wear animal print, but it is something I do think can look amazing on others! Love the bag, looks like it has loads of room to fit all the odds and ends that end up in my handbag!

  4. That really suits you! I can’t pull off animal prints, but think this looks great on you. It looks great with the colour of the skirt too. & I love the bag. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  5. I don’t normally wear animal print but I love the way that you have paired it with the blue skirt which gives it a much different look to that I normally see. You may have converted me!

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  7. Animal prints are always the best way to go when in doubt of what to wear. I know that’s mine and my mom’s go to option. Love this look! Perfect for any casual events too. xx

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