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Every woman has to deal with an annoying bra problem every now and again. I know I do. From finding the right size to finding the right design and style. The bra problems never end. It changes as our body changes. I struggled a lot with my lingerie in general especially during pregnancy. My boobs were growing at an alarmingly rate, and I got sick and tired of buying a new bra every few weeks. Thankfully, all that is a thing of the past but I do still miss my pregnancy boobs, lol.

Here are some ways of dealing with the common bra problems you may be facing:


Wrong size

A recent survey has shown that 60% of women are walking around wearing the wrong size of bra. Are you one of them? The best way to ensure you are wearing the right size is to get measured. Debenhams and M&S are great places to get measured professionally for free.


Straps that dig

Make sue your bras come with adjustable straps so that you can alter the fit. The straps should not dig in or fall off your shoulders.


Lack of bras

You should have different bras in various designs for different your outfits. If you can’t afford too many, the minimum you should aim for is 2 blacks, 2 whites, 2 nudes, and an extra 2 in any colour or design you like. That way you never run out of bras to wear. Also, go for bras with straps you can take off, and change into various styles to fit your outfit.


Visible bras

Your bras should not be visible, unless this is intentional. When wearing sheer clothes, go for underwear in flesh tones that match your skin colour, not the outfit.


Small boobs

Balcony bras flatter small boobs the most because they provide an enhanced neckline with excellent uplift. Half-cup bras with pads at the sides also flatter small boobs.


Big boobs

A bra with a thick band will support big boobs better because they often provide better support.


Do you struggle with bra problems? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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  1. I find it difficult to source bras with a deep fastening. Having big boobs means it’s impossible to get away with those that have only one hook and eye – I need at least 3 deep!

  2. I often have issues with this. Since losing 5 stone I’ve finally found a bra company that has one which works for me perfectly. 🙂 It is an issue though and I hate when they dig in and are uncomfortable.

  3. My friend works in a lingerie department and she says that almost half the women who come to buy bras are actually buying the wrong size and can’t believe when they have a fitting that they have been wearing the same size throughout their life without realizing that sizes can change with age and weight!!

  4. I used to work selling lingerie and had to do bra fits. Oh my, so many people were in the wrong size bra. I saw complaints from back aches, to straps digging in, to bras being so unsupportive. Finding the right bra size is so difficult because we are all such different shapes and sizes. x

  5. I could not agree more with number 1, I used to work in Victoria’s Secret and there were so many women who were wearing the wrong size bra for years. x

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