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I like to see a woman over 40 still rocking her style game. Many women lose themselves and their style once they start popping babies but that shouldn’t be the case. Looking good is good for every business, and it also helps your mental well-being. But some women believe they should change the way they dress once they start clocking their 30s/40s, and I agree and disagree with this. I believe there are many outfits we wore in our teens and twenties we may not be able to get away with in our 40s, because of changes in our body and lifestyle. But I also believe many pieces can be styled differently to suit various ages and stages in our life.

Here are my top 5 ageless style tips:


Build your Confidence

I wrote about building your body confidence some weeks ago and how important it is, and the truth is once you are confident, you can get away with any outfit. Body confidence is the first step in achieving ageless style. Once you are confident and in love with yourself, you can take on anything.


Go for Colour

Do not be afraid to experiment with colours. Wearing a bit of colour will make you appear more youthful. Why do you think the likes of Iris Apfel at 94 years, still wears a lot of colour? The right mix of colours and textures can take decades of you. White is a fail-safe colour that looks sophisticated on many. You can team your white pieces with softer/darker colours like purple, burgundy, navy blue or fuchsia pink, for a stylish effect.


Cover the Signs

For many, the neck and upper arms are usually the first parts of the body to reveal the true age (beware scoop and round necklines) so cover them up if you want. Scarves, shawls, sleeves, blazers, boleros and jackets can be used to cover them up stylishly. If you want to show off your neck, v-necks are the best necklines to go for because they draw the eye upwards for a more youthful effect. If you are worried about showing too much cleavage, pop a camisole under the v-neck top or dress.


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Wear the Right Size

Go for pieces that are well fitted. They will always look flattering and stylish. No one looks good in oversize/baggy clothes. Ignore the label size and focus on how it fits.


Dress for your Shape

Apart from wearing the right size, you also need to dress for your shape and not your age. Ignore what is in vogue, and go for pieces and accessories that flatter your body shape.

These are my tips for achieving ageless style. Do you have any tips to share? Do share..




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  1. So true all you have said Stella. You can take any clothing seamlessly into the next stage. Now there are some certain pieces I wouldn’t touch being older, though the majority can be worn with some change of how as you say.

    Amazing how many of my friends say they nothing yoq wear yet I go in their wardrobes and they have loads. They just don’t know how to layer, mix and match etc.

    You need to pay attention to your hair colour, style and elimination of greys too when you get 40 +

    You can be bolder and funky without looking stupid. Only do blonde if you can. When it stops working go for coppers and reds.

    Important to have a good quality hair stylist and beautician as well to help you through the maize. May cost a bit more however long term its worth it and looks better too.

    50 + can look great too 😉 yes I am being pedantic 😊

  2. I don’t follow fashion as such anymore I buy what I like and what suits me. A lot of people are surprised when I say I’m mid thirties but I just dress for how I feel rather than my age

  3. Great tips you got there Stella, I believe self confidence is key, dont listen to society, friends and family on how to dress or not dress, do you always.

  4. I am a woman in my 40s and I’m afraid I’m not rockin it 😉 To be fair though, I never really rocked it even when I was younger. I was always after comfort more than the style… But I agree, I think we all should still make an effort regardless of age 🙂

  5. I totally agree with your points, I actually think that we use to make some mistakes when using sizes that are too small (or too big!) and also wearing boring colours. Thanks for sharing x

  6. I have never been a trend setter or much into fashion. I always found when growing up in London that people were like lemmings, all looking and dressing the same – boring. I tend to wear anything I like and have to agree about the colour burst. I love bright colours. I fail at the oversized clothes though, I think it’s a confidence thing with me that I don’t go for close fit x


  8. That was awesome! i Think it is important to feel good at any age! I really like your blog! I just started mine and would love if you checked it out and gave me some feedback! Dressdontguess.com xox Thank you!

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