Boosting Body Confidence After Pregnancy

Carrying a baby for 9 months is no joke. Our bodies literally expand to grow life and all that takes a toll on our fragile bodies and body confidence. Having said that, pregnancy is such an amazing experience. I remember how fascinating I found my body changes while pregnant with the twins. The books did not prepare me for how much my body changed.

It took me such a long time to get used to my new pregnant body. And it took me even longer to get on with my new body post pregnancy. The stretch marks, sagging bits, hyperpigmentation, you name it, I had to deal with after pregnancy and it did shake my body confidence. It took me sometime to embrace my new body and work on the parts that needed improvements.


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While working on my body, and soaking in all the knowledge I could find, I discovered ways to boast my body confidence after pregnancy. Here are some things that worked for me.


Get a great bra

Once you give birth, you should find the time in the midst of the chaos to get a great supporting bra. If you only have money for one thing for yourself after pregnancy, you should go for a bra. A good supportive comfy will give your breasts that carriage they would need after a pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Wearing a lovely dress with a terrible bra underneath would just ruin the look completely. Many women take their underwear for granted and instead splurge on pieces everyone can see. But what they don’t understand is that the underwear is the foundation of your entire outfit and it has to be right for you to slay the look.

There is something about wearing a good bra. A good comfy bra would lay the right foundation for your clothes, which would do a lot for your body confidence. If you are clueless when it comes to shopping for great bras, you can try using a comfortable bra like this 8-In-1 Evolution Bra. It is a very comfortable bra with an innovative design that supports without uncomfortable wires or padding.



Once you are able to, start having some form of exercise. It could taking gentle walks, jogging, swimming, going on the treadmill, or whatever you are comfortable with. The important thing is to ensure you are exercising. Regular exercises will help the post pregnancy body tone up, so those tangling bits would be back in shape in no time. And exercises would also help your mental health. So it is a win-win.


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Play dress up

I know how easy it is to live in the pjs once you give birth. It is so tempting. With little sleep and a demanding baby, it can be hard to even find the time to take a shower. But dressing up every now and again is needed to help you feel good and boost your body confidence. So ensuring you have a shower in the morning once you can and putting on some form of makeup would help.


Did you struggle with your body confidence after pregnancy?


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5 Tips to Ageless Style

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I like to see a woman over 40 still rocking her style game. Many women lose themselves and their style once they start popping babies but that shouldn’t be the case. Looking good is good for every business, and it also helps your mental well-being. But some women believe they should change the way they dress once they start clocking their 30s/40s, and I agree and disagree with this. I believe there are many outfits we wore in our teens and twenties we may not be able to get away with in our 40s, because of changes in our body and lifestyle. But I also believe many pieces can be styled differently to suit various ages and stages in our life.

Here are my top 5 ageless style tips:


Build your Confidence

I wrote about building your body confidence some weeks ago and how important it is, and the truth is once you are confident, you can get away with any outfit. Body confidence is the first step in achieving ageless style. Once you are confident and in love with yourself, you can take on anything.


Go for Colour

Do not be afraid to experiment with colours. Wearing a bit of colour will make you appear more youthful. Why do you think the likes of Iris Apfel at 94 years, still wears a lot of colour? The right mix of colours and textures can take decades of you. White is a fail-safe colour that looks sophisticated on many. You can team your white pieces with softer/darker colours like purple, burgundy, navy blue or fuchsia pink, for a stylish effect.


Cover the Signs

For many, the neck and upper arms are usually the first parts of the body to reveal the true age (beware scoop and round necklines) so cover them up if you want. Scarves, shawls, sleeves, blazers, boleros and jackets can be used to cover them up stylishly. If you want to show off your neck, v-necks are the best necklines to go for because they draw the eye upwards for a more youthful effect. If you are worried about showing too much cleavage, pop a camisole under the v-neck top or dress.


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Wear the Right Size

Go for pieces that are well fitted. They will always look flattering and stylish. No one looks good in oversize/baggy clothes. Ignore the label size and focus on how it fits.


Dress for your Shape

Apart from wearing the right size, you also need to dress for your shape and not your age. Ignore what is in vogue, and go for pieces and accessories that flatter your body shape.

These are my tips for achieving ageless style. Do you have any tips to share? Do share..




How to Look Slimmer

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I have added some weight in the last couple of weeks, and I am trying very hard to shake off. I don’t really mind the extra weight to be honest, my main focus is to look and feel very fit. But adding the extra weight has opened my eyes to some issues many women will be dealing with it on a day-to-day basis. Styling a new size 12 body can be a pain when all your outfits are in a size 10. Trust me I know, I have been there and done that, and I know first hand how that can also play on your body confidence, if you are not happy with the extra pounds added.

If your goal is to look slimmer while you work on your body, here are 6 tips for you:


Wear the right size

Wearing a size too small happens when we are in denial; holding on to our old body. If none of your clothes fit, get a few clothes that fit properly, while you work on your body, if that is what you are after. Squeezing your body in clothes that do not fit will only make you appear bigger.


Make sure you walk tall

Make sure you walk tall. Walk with your back straight and your head held up high. This is the simplest way to appear slimmer. This trick will elongate your body, making you look a size slimmer.


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Choose your pieces carefully

Opt for lightweight fabrics such as cashmere, cotton, that will skim your curves, rather than stick on them. You should avoid lycra pieces as much as possible.


Go for darker colours

Dark colours help make us appear slimmer but you don’t have to wear all black. Navy blue, brown and dark grey all have the same slimming effect.



Wrapping your hair in a ponytail will instantly make anyone look slimmer. A ponytail gives the illusion of a slimmer face and a longer neck.



Heels have the power to make us look slimmer. I know many women struggle with walking in heels but once you find a comfortable pair, your style game will be out of this world! Heels paired with skinny jeans will make your legs appear longer and slimmer.


What are you thoughts on looking slimmer? Do you have any tips to share? Sound off in the comment section below, let’s chat.

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