The Most Lucrative Blogging Niches

Blogging has really taken off in the last 5 years. There are now millions of blogs available. The blogging industry has changed from what it was when I started blogging 5 years ago. There are more blogs in various niches, and it has all become very competitive. Since I started blogging, I have seen many blogs move from a particular niche to a lifestyle niche or become more varied. With my blogging experience, I have come to spot the most lucrative blogging niches, and why more bloggers are setting up blogs in those niches.



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Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Fashion and Beauty is one of the most popular blogging niches that work well together. Most fashion bloggers are also beauty bloggers and vice versa. I guess the reason this works great is because the fashion and beauty industries are marketing sisters; most women interested in fashion are also interested in beauty. And these are the same women writing and reading these blogs. With this niche, one is usually the primary niche, while the other a secondary.

The fashion and beauty industry is worth millions of pounds, which makes it a very lucrative blogging niche. It is also one of the easiest niche to blog, which is why it is saturated. It usually doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a fashion and beauty blog running. But for you to stand out from the rest, you would have to think outside the box and bring a lot more to the table. This is where your creativity, writing and photography skills come in.

Because the fashion and beauty blogging niche is so saturated, it can be tricky to get to the brands to notice you enough to offer you samples. And it is even a lot more tricky to get past the getting samples to review for free stage, which can feel like a never-ending phase.

Having said that, it is one of the most lucrative blogging niches we have today. The sky is only the beginning with a quality fashion/beauty blog. You can earn thousand of pounds a month from collaborating with brands on blog posts, attending events, and social media promotions. Regardless of how saturated the blogging industry may appear, there is always room for amazing blogs, so don’t let the numbers deter you.


Lifestyle Blogs


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I love lifestyle blogging. It is fast becoming a popular niche. The fact that it is so varied and flexible makes it an interesting niche to write about and read. It is also another lucrative blogging niche. The possibility to earn money through lifestyle blogging is endless. Established bloggers can earn money reviewing lifestyle products/services, writing sponsored posts, promoting products and services on social media and so on.

The lifestyle niche is one niche I truly enjoy writing about because it allows my creativity shine. I hate being in a box. So the fact that I can write varied posts keeps me writing. There is room for more quality lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle blogging is very personal, so there would never be enough lifestyle blogs around.

The way to shine in this niche is to be yourself. There is only 1 YOU, so make sure you make the most of it. Write about interesting things going on in your life, and let your personality through your writing. Your tribe will find you.


Parent Blogs

Parent blogs also known as mummy/daddy blogs are on the rise. Sometimes it feels like I am the only work-from-home mum that is not a parent blogger. Many fashion/beauty blogger gradually become parent bloggers once they pop and I can see why. It is super easy to write about what you deal with everyday. And it kind of falls into lifestyle blogging as well since parenting is a lifestyle choice for almost all of us.

I wasn’t thinking about the most lucrative blogging niches when I started blogging. If I was, I would have been tempted to include parenting posts on here or to set up a separate parent blog when I became a parent. I just wanted a space to write about things that interested me, and I didn’t want my kids on the blog constantly.

Another thing I didn’t want was to rely on my kids to blog if that makes sense. I didn’t want my work to be solely about my kids and my life as a parent. Deep thinking is what I do, and I overthink everything. Which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. I mean what if they were not interested in the blog or didn’t want to be a part of it once they are old enough to understand what it was about? What happens when they are off to high school or university? Would that be the end of my parent blog? Yes, I am a long-term thinker and I plan to keep blogging until I can no longer type. So this is not a fill-in-the-gap job or career.

The parenting niche is saturated like all other niches, but it is also another very lucrative niche. I read hundreds of blogs a week and many of them cover parenting, and I can see how well they are doing with brand collaborations and various sponsored deals. So I know it is a lucrative niche.

There is always room for more quality blogs so don’t let the millions of amazing parent blogs put you off.


Food Blogs

One thing I love about food blogs is the amazing food photography many of the blogs have. I can get filled for lunch just by scrolling through some food blogs.

Great photography is an essential for most blogs, and it is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd. So if you are new and want to shine through, work on your photography skills.

I have written a few food blog posts; they fell under my lifestyle category and they took me out of my comfort zone which was great. I admire food bloggers. I can see a lot of work goes into what we see and I applaud them for that.

The food blogging industry is saturated but not as much as the other niches, and I can see why. Having an established food blog means you a great recipe developer with amazing photography skills. Two skills not so common. Which is why the best food bloggers are laughing all the way to the bank!


Do you blog? Which niche do you fall under? What do you think of these lucrative blogging niches?






38 responses

  1. I also love having a varied blog and never getting bored of a topic! I’m always changing as I grow and my interests change, so it’s great for my blog to evolve with me 🙂

  2. I am a food blogger and it is hard work. There are some food bloggers who have been blogging for a while that makes a pretty descent income from their hardwork. One day I will be up there.

  3. I started with a fashion blog, then a year later I added lifestyle. I love the flexibility of the lifestyle niche, as you pointed out!

  4. There are also bloggers who only blog animals/pet. That is fun too.
    Fashion/Beauty is very well saturated, challenging really…
    I blog Fashion/Beauty/Inspiration which is lifestyle to me. It is always good for it to be varied.
    Nice post.

  5. Great post! I try to keep my blog fashion and beauty related. Sometimes I feel like ‘lifestyle’ is just a term that bloggers use so they can take any sponsored post that comes their way.

  6. It’s so true that blogging has changed tremendously over the years. My personal favourite niche is lifestyle blogging as it gives you endless categories to share your views on. I started as a lifestyle blogger couple of years back and I remember the concept was not as popular then as it is now.

  7. No one wants to be boxed in. Unless you’ve got a long-term game plan when you start, it’s almost always best to begin as a lifestyle blogger. That way, you get to see what works best. If earning potential is important to you, it’s the best way to get a well-rounded understanding f how much you can realistically earn.

    As a parent, I could have easily gone down the dad blogging route, but it’s not necessarily something I’d want to share. Same with male fashion – I could write a little about it, but I don’t want to dedicate myself to it when there’s sooo much more I want to talk about.

    Although – if music blogging really paid like the other ones, I would have just stuck with that!

  8. You have well categorized the blogs according to their niche. Hey please include mine too – Travel blogging. I want to know from you that what you will write about travel blogging. For reading I love lifestyle and food blogs.

    • Hi Yukti. I know travel bloggers make money from reviews and other collaborations. I don’t have an experience to share and don’t know any travel bloggers personally but it is a niche I plan to explore in future.

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  10. There are loads of mental health blogs on WordPress too. Some are daily journals of people who are afflicted, some are journals AND resources, and articles on people’s own experiences with mental health issues and the struggles it comes with. It’s a meaningful niche for sure.

  11. Gah, I love blogging and I can’t imagine a life without it.This was really helpful.I’m currently in highschool and super confused,because I wan to do too many things at once!
    This makes me feel like it’s okay.Great blog,definitely checking out your other posts!Id love for you to check out
    mine as well<3

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