How the Kiddies are Spending Half Term

The Kiddies are now on half term and I am happy to say we have plans. Having plans for the family when the kids are on holiday is ideal because it means we all get to have some fun. My kids become very restless when bored, like most 4 year olds. And that usually leads to all sorts of mischief. So I like to keep them entertained during their holidays. It makes our lives more fun. No one really wants to watch mummy blog all day.


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We spent the last Easter holiday holidaying in the US, which was good fun. This time, we plan to spend some quality time with the family in Essex, and we are so looking forward to that. Monday is bank holiday here in the UK, and the weather is looking promising with plenty of sunshine. So it is likely we will have some barbecue with friends and family. I am seriously look forward to that and I hope it happens as nothing is set as at today.

So for half term week, we have planned 2 road trips to Essex and back, a barbecue party, meeting up with family and friends, a shopping trip, long walks, some time at a soft play (maybe) and many other activities I am sure my sister would have planned for the week.

What plans do you have for the kids this half term? Do you dread the holidays with the kids? I only dread them when I have nothing planned. I remember one of the first half term the kids had when they first started pre school. We were fine for the first 2 days or so because they were shattered. But those days went quickly and they became very bored and restless. We had nothing planned so all we did was go for long walks as far as the weather allowed us. It was horrible. Which is why I have never allowed us have a half term and not have activities planned. It never works!


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The fact that I don’t drive makes the holidays even worse. It is a lot easier when you drive. You can just pop the kids in the car and go anywhere. But when you don’t drive, it is not that easy.

I am looking forward to sorting out my driving test this year and getting the car of my dreams. Wish me luck and have a lovely half term with the kids.


Underwear Ready with MAGIC Bodyfashion

Summer is officially almost here and it seems like everyone is getting ready. The weather has been nice and sunny in Cheshire for weeks now. It feels too good to be true. Spring is usually all about rain and more rain. But it is so different this year. It feels like we have skipped spring completely and gone on to summer. I hope this amazing weather continues, but something tells me it may be changing a bit soon. Guess we will have to make the most of the great weather we are currently enjoying and hope it stays on.

I like to wear dresses and skirts a lot in the spring/summer months. I find them more comfortable. Which is why my spring/summer wardrobe is filled with those sort of pieces. I have been thinking of ways to get fashion ready for summer, and the first thing I have done is to sort out the underwear department. Here a few pieces I have got from MAGIC Bodyfashion


MAGIC Bodyfashion Lite Dress £42.50

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The first addition to my underwear collection is this MAGIC Lite Dress. This dress is made of ultra sheer material, that creates perfect shaping to the entire upper body and legs. The Lite Dress has laser cut edges and a silicone trim inside the bottom opening which prevents the dress from rolling up.

It comes in 2 colours – black and latte. Sizes start from small and go up to XXL I have worn this Lite Dress underneath a few dresses and I love the shaping it creates. It is also light and very comfortable to wear.


MAGIC Bodyfashion Low Back Body £32.50

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This Magic Bodyfashion Low Back Body is a backless, seamless and shaping thong-bodybriefer with a very low back. You can wear this piece with or without a bra, thanks to the great support underneath the breasts. It is made from a soft, breathable and comfortable fabric, that is completely invisible underneath an outfit.



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I have worn this MAGIC Bodyfashion Low Back Body a few times underneath dresses and tops that have an extremely low back. It provides great support underneath and it is super comfortable. I found it very easy to put on and take off. At £32.50, it is definitely good value for money.

This piece comes in 2 colours – black and latte. The sizes available start from small and go all the way to XXL.


I think these pieces would make great summer solutions for underwear. What do you think?


*PR samples.



How to Treat Hay Fever

Hay Fever Sucks! This was the last tweet I sent last night while battling to get some sleep. I was sneezing non stop for minutes, and my throat itched like hell, driving me crazy. Which kept me up for hours. I still can’t remember how I managed to finally sleep off.



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Hay Fever is still new to me. I started having the symptoms for the first time 2 summers ago, and it has been hell ever since!  On most spring/summer days, I dread it when it gets really warm because I know I usually have a Hay Fever crisis and it is painfully uncomfortable. I am allergic to the Grass Pollen, which is the same with many other sufferers.

For those who have never suffered from Hay Fever, this annoying disease, medically known as Allergic rhinitis,  is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Signs and symptoms usually include a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, red, itchy, and watery eyes, and swelling around the eyes.

Now I don’t understand why my immune system is suddenly overreacting to allergens in the air, but that is what is pretty happening and it sucks. I managed to get my GP (Doctor) to send my Hay Fever prescription to my local pharmacy so I could pick up my medication. The over counter Hay Fever medicine does not work for me, so I had to get on a particular prescription drug last year. And I take them every summer  The drugs help but not as much. I still have to deal with the symptoms on some days where the pollen count is at its highest.

Apart from my Hay Fever prescription drug, I also try some home remedies to help keep me sane.


How to treat Hay Fever yourself
  1. Put on your sunglasses when you are out and about. This help protects the eyes from pollen.
  2. Apply Petroleum Jelly around your nostrils to trap pollen.
  3. Stay indoors as much as possible.
  4. Take your medicine first thing in the morning.
  5. Change your clothes and take a shower once you get home.


The Met Office categorises these Hay Fever phases as:

  1. Tree pollen – late March to mid-May.
  2. Grass pollen – mid-May to July.
  3. Weed pollen – end of June to September


Do you suffer from Hay Fever? How are you coping? Please share any tried and tested tip in the comments section.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


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