5 Ways to be a Fabulous Fashion Blogger

There are so many fashion blogs these days, it is like a new blog pops up every second, and most of the time, that blog is a fashion blog.




I understand why most of these blogs are fashion blogs. Many people think as long as they have nice pieces, they can blog about them. But Fashion Blogging is a lot more than that. Yes you need nice pieces if you intend to blog about your personal style, but for your blog to stand out from the rest, it needs to be fabulous. Here is how you do that:


Be consistent and regular

To make it as a blogger, regardless of your niche, you have to be consistent and regular. Your readers have to know when to expect a post and they should not be left waiting for too long. I check my favourite blogs almost every day, and I will be disappointed to not see a new post(s) when I check. Being consistent and regular with your blog content is one way to be a fabulous fashion blogger.

Tip: Blog as regularly as you can to build your content and following.


Show off your personal style

For me to take you seriously as a fashion blogger, I would want to see your personal style. If I wanted just fashion tips and trends, I would check the likes of ELLE and Vogue. I also love to read about fashion tips, trends, news and all, on blogs, but I like to see the blogger’s personal style too. So showing off your personal style regularly is one way to stand out from the crowd of fashion bloggers. However you must have a personal style to nail this.

Tip: If you want a general fashion blog, have a mixture of fashion posts –  outfit posts, celebrity style, fashion news, trends and so on. I wrote 30 blog posts ideas for fashion blogs some months, so have a read if you are struggling to come with post ideas.




Pretty pictures

Your pictures have to stand out for you to be recognised in the fashion blogging industry. Invest in a great camera and get someone to take your shots. You could also get a photographer to take your outfit photos, I know many fashion bloggers who do. Tripods are also handy for when you are alone.

Tip: Avoid taking photos indoors as much as you can. Indoor photos are usually not the prettiest. Invest in a DSLR.


Active on social media

Have your social media accounts set up. For fashion bloggers, I recommend Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, in that order. Post varied and regular content to your social media accounts. Follow relevant accounts in the fashion industry and work on growing your tribe.

Tip: Follow fashion bloggers, PRs, fashion brands, fashion designers and anyone else that catches your fancy. It is called social media for a reason, so be social.




Avoid fake goods

I see so many fashion bloggers posing with fake designer bags and shoes, and it is such a major turn off for me. I personally can’t stand counterfeit goods. I wrote extensively about this awhile ago, and it worries me that so many fashion bloggers think that their fastest way to the top is to pose rocking fake items, because they can’t afford the real deal.

I believe you should own whatever you have and can afford. If all you can afford is Primark, it is fine. It is all in the style. If you can afford Givenchy, that is fantastic, own it. But please don’t show up rocking a fake Chanel bag and expect people to take you seriously.

The whole idea behind personal style bloggers is you showing your readers how to work with what they have or aspire to have, and give them style ideas. That should be the main focus, and not how many “designer items” you have.

Many bloggers come into fashion blogging missing this vital point and they struggle from there. They wonder why no one is reading or taking them seriously.

Tip: Stick to original items you can afford. Do not buy items only to return back to the store, your blog is not a catalogue!


These are the 5 ways to slay the fashion blogging world this 2017. Feel free to add your tip in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


Giveaway: Win £50 to Spend at ALEXI London

Hey peeps. I have another giveaway for you, and this time it is for the jewellery lovers. The lovely people of ALEXI London are giving one lucky reader a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on their fabulous jewellery collection. Isn’t that great?

I discovered Alexi London a while ago, on Twitter, and I have fallen so in love with their pretty, delicate pieces. There is a piece of jewellery for every woman at ALEXI London, so you are sure to find something you would cherish forever.

Alexi London is all about delicate, feminine pieces, that would last you a lifetime. These subtle pieces are designed to take you from day to-night effortlessly.

At ALEXI London, we like to bring a little sparkle to the every day. Our jewellery is dainty and feminine, with a mix of bold and subtle pieces, all delicately crafted to last you a lifetime. Either way, we’re always true to our ethos of making beautifully elegant jewellery that’s easy to wear, affordable to buy and a pleasure to give.

The inspiration comes from a combination of travel, art, nature and love. Some designs are decidedly classic while others are influenced by current fashions. Either way, we’re always true to our ethos of making beautifully elegant jewellery that’s easy to wear, and affordable to buy, without a big song and dance – Jenny Wood.


Here are some of the pieces you could get for under £50:


Cluster Moon Earrings – Gold



Scarlett Flower Orb Ring – Gold



Simple Circle Necklace – Silver



Infinity Bracelet – Silver



I could go on and on with the beautiful pieces you could grab from ALEXI London, but we will be here all day, so instead I will get right into the giveaway details. To win a £50 voucher, you need to do the following:

  1. You need to sign up to Alexi London Newsletter on the homepage, right at the bottom.
  2. Follow Fashion and Style Police on Instagram.
  3. Follow Alexi London on Instagram
  4. And drop me a comment confirming your entry, with your Instagram name.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only and it ends on 29th March, at 10pm. The winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck guys.

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