From Studies to Success: Finding Your Perfect Career Path

Discovering where your true passion and ambition lies is one of the most difficult parts of getting onto the right career path. Whether you’re just graduating from college or you have been stuck in a dead-end job for years and you’re ready to make a life change, you can find the job that makes you feel fulfilled and content. If you take the correct steps you will become enlightened as to where you’re meant to end up in life. You might want to work from home or travel for your career; whatever makes you feel most satisfied is the route you need to take.  Once you have set your goal you should then take the steps to climbing the career ladder of your dreams. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. So stay persistent and focused and you will get to where you want to be in the end.


Finding Your Passion

Firstly, you need to assess what makes you feel most excited about in life. Do you have an underlying desire to work with people in hospitals? Do you love the prospect of helping children? Pinpoint what topic your mind tends to drift onto when you’re daydreaming in an everyday scenario. Talk to your family and friends, who know you the best and discuss with them what you might be best at. You might be totally overwhelmed and unable to decide on a career path for yourself, but those who are close to you will probably be able to steer you in the right direction.


Getting Qualified

Once you have discovered the career path that you want to explore, you need to make sure that your skills and qualifications match up with your job prospects. Perhaps you’re considering going into nursing, in this case an online msn program would be an ideal way to start. Online courses such as this will give you the exact curriculum you need to study in order to gain the experience for your chosen job. You have the option to study online at your own pace, which means you can still continue to work part-time if you need to  keep making some money. You will then have the knowledge to start applying for you dream role.

There are various online courses and tutors available for everyone. The number of tutors available vary , from a Physic tutor to an English tutor.


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Volunteering Helps

Having degrees and excellent qualifications is always a good idea, but it is not the only thing you will need to be successful at work. You need to gain first hand experience in the industry you’re looking to enter, so finding volunteer work is an effective way place to start. Have think where your ideal workplace would be and enquire about volunteering opportunities. Offer your help and services for a couple of days each week and you will start to learn inside information about the job. Get to know the people and managers who work there and keep an eye out for full-time job openings. You won’t always land this immediately. So it is really important to remain patient.


The Job Search

As well as looking for job openings in the place you are gaining experience, you also need to keep your eyes open for other similar jobs in the industry. Use social media to follow jobs boards and websites; turn on your notifications to get instant updates when there are posts available. There are plenty of amazing tools online which will assist you in your job search. You just have to keep looking on a regular basis.


Interviewing Techniques

You’ve searched persistently and managed to land an interview for your ideal job. Not only are you nervous, but you’ve never been interviewed in a professional environment before. All you need to do is remain calm and confident; read the job description carefully and make sure you’re prepared with some real life scenario-based examples. Nerves will often get in the way, but interviewers tend to be very understanding of this. Show your passion and determination and you’re bound to shine, even when you’re feeling under pressure.


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Now you know each step to take to reach your career goals. From finding your inner passions to implementing your skills and meeting new people in your chosen industry. All you need to do is build up the correct knowledge and skills using a variety of techniques and you will soon be more than qualified to pursue a new career. If you currently wake up each morning to drag yourself to a job which makes you feel empty and unappreciated, now would be the time to make that change. It is never too late to change your career path. All it takes is a little bit of courage. You deserve to land a job that you truly love, so let’s make that happen right now.


Are you on the perfect career path for yourself? How did you get there?


*Collaborative post.

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  1. Finding the perfect career choice is for sure a hard topic to think about, especially once one starts getting into or even out of college. I also believe that one should really consider his or her passion when it comes to picking a career path since that passion will drive them to get skilled up in preparation for the job search.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that volunteering helps. Most people dont realize how helpful that is. One of the 3 months internships I volunteered landed me my current job. Great post!

  3. Interesting I came across this post as I am considering a change of career myself. I am looking to change to something I am more passionate about like you said. Thank you for the advice.

  4. In my case, I’m not sure my career is one I’m passionate about. That being said, it’s well paying and very stable, which allows me to follow my heart with all of my hobbies I love to do on the side. x

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