Working from Home and Mental Health

Working from home is tough, especially when you have other responsibilities to bother. I find some days are harder than others. On some days I am struggling to catch up on my endless to-do list and dealing with all sorts of work requests. Which is good because it means that I am busy, therefore my bank balance would be busy. But then I have to ensure I hit all deadlines and that my 2 kids are happy. Then on quiet days, I panic and worry about it being quite, and me not being busy. Even though I was so busy a few days ago. It sounds mad but it is true.


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Working from home is beautiful. It is what I have always dreamed of and I am happy I am finally living my dream. But it also takes its toll on my mental health sometimes. I am a worrier by nature. I worry about silly things most of time, and I do get anxious sometimes. So the stresses of working from home, on my own most of the time, with me being my own boss comes with its pros and cons, like any other job. There is no one to blame if something goes wrong. No one really understands how I go about what I do so it can be tricky to explain, and I don’t know anyone going what I do in real life, so it can be lonely sometimes.

Having said that, I won’t change what I do for anything in the world. The pros of being a freelancer outweighs the cons for me massively, so that is not going to change. Which means I have to find a solution to my worry. So how do I stop worrying and how do I take care of my mental health? I am not one to dwell on problems, I always look for solutions instead.

Here are a few things I will be doing to help my work and state of mind.


Early to Bed

I normally work for as many hours as I can. I am usually in bed after midnight on most days, which is not good enough, since I am usually awake at 6am thanks to my early bird kids. Which leaves me feeling horrible in the mornings.

Early to bed is my going forward. I have decided to go to bed as early as possible on most nights, so I can get 8 hours sleep. I work better when I am well rested.


Take Time Off

I am hoping to take more time off work this year. I usually continue working even on Holidays, except for Christmas, which isn’t great but you don’t get to take many days off when you work for yourself.

Going forward, I plan to take some more time off work, regardless of how busy or quiet it is. When I need it, I will take it. I also need to try switching off work a bit more, especially on weekends. Speaking to counsellors would also be helpful if you are dealing with mental health issues.


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Motivate Myself

Motivating myself is easily done. I am good at motivating myself naturally. I always says the fear of having no money and not being able to work from home are my greatest motivators.

I need to keep myself motivated. I find business, self-help and inspirational books very motivating. So I make sure I read few chapters of a good book on my Kindle every day.


Enjoy the Outdoors

I do the school run so I get out of the house everyday. Weekends are usually packed with all sort of activities, which means I get to do other things outside the house which is great.

This is going to continue even when the kids are on holiday. Weather permitting and with the kiddies’ cooperation, I aim to get out of the house everyday, even if it is just for long walks or to let loose in the garden. Being outdoors is great for general health. I also plan to work in my garden during the summer months.


Spend Wisely

Working from home and running your own business means you usually get to manage your money yourself. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on how you are with money. I am quite good with me. I am more of a saver than a spender, and this has helped me in the unpredictable world of freelancing.

I plan to continue the way I am with money. Spending wisely and saving as much money as I can so I don’t worry too much when work is quiet.


How do you find working from home? Does it affect your mental health?


*Collaborative post.



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  1. I don’t work from home exactly, but writing my blog can feel like I do the hours of a job sometimes. The hardest part is never really switching off – blogging is a 24/7 hobby!

  2. I can totally relate to this as someone who works from home it is amazing in so many ways but presents it’s own unique challenges – taking time off is essential I usually try to take Fridays off otherwise I tend to go a bit stir crazy by the weekend!

  3. I have worked from home for 10 years now and although it is not without its negatives, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The biggest difficulty I have is switching off from work – as I don’t have set hours and work around my children, there is always stuff to be done and I find it hard to stop and not worry about it.

  4. I find it hard as there is always something to be doing and you have to say enough and walk away and make sure you get a break. Recently I have had to be a lot stricter with myself!

  5. I can relate to a lot of this Stella. I have wanted to work from home for years and finally did last year. It is great because I can get up early or go to bed late so I can be here for my children and when they need me. i worry when I have no work and get stressed if I have a lot of work. Some days I think would I be less stressed if I worked for someone else and got paid on a set day each month and them I go back to loving my job again.

  6. I’ve been doing it for the past three months, and for some reason others do not seem to respect the fact that I really am working. For some reason they think that because I am at home, I have a lot of time on my hands.

  7. I find it hard to focus sometimes and that’s when I start to panic and feel overwhelmed I’m trying to schedule ahead so I can actually enjoy each holiday we have coming up this year as taking a break is so important x

  8. There are so many great things about working from home, but it can get quite lonely and it is a lot of pressure to keep the income coming in!

  9. Working from home can be lonely but I make sure I get out and meet friends for a walk at least once a week and help co-run a networking group once a month

  10. Fantastic tips and insight. I think it does impact mental health a lot. Reading what others say about it though helps! Because you are alone usually when you work from home, so hearing others mention similar types of feelings, helps (in my opinion). Sort of similar to the water cooler chat theme in office jobs

      • Yes I could tell it was the idea I suppose..but not everyone writes about it. Or reads other posts – especially if they follow blogs that do not talk about it.
        Id feel weird writing about it because I feel more self unemployed than self employed.

        Nonetheless, reading posts by others (new or experienced) offers nice perspective. And a good reminder to chill out. I’m not the first or the last or the only one – but can turn too melodramatic since it feels that way at times.
        I’m trying to set cut off times (which is a work in progress) so I can mentally check out some at night.
        Anyways thanks again for sharing!

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  12. Great post! I’m so glad I’ve found you 😄. I find that I have to absolutely keep on top of every aspect of self care in order to flourish. I need to exercise, eat properly, get fresh air, keep up with my meds etc etc… as soon as I take my eye off the ball, it slowly and sneakily starts creeping up on me again and before I know it I’m at rock bottom. You’ve got a follow from me and I look forward to reading more of your posts! Katie x

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  14. This is such an awesome post, and highly relatable. I did a full-time Masters and then worked from home for a little, and found it incredibly isolating. Some days I’d go into coffee shops and other spaces just to have people around me.

    The pro’s do, I think, outweigh the cons and the life of a freelancer sure does fit in with my values. However, it looks like I’m about to start freelancing again and I must admit I’m slightly concerned!

    I think I’m going to be keen to set myself tasks/lists to keep me on track, and speak regularly to others in the team (small company).

    As much as I can, I may have to find some sort of space to work from, too!

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  18. Hi Dear, Thanks for sharing this amazing post on working from house and yet managing mental health. I believe being engaged in some fun activity and working on the right time is the main factor in how to keep myself mentally okay. That is why i do some outdoor activity such as gardening, games or trampoline activity.

  19. Great article with more insights on mental health. I agree with your thoughts and it is helpful to know how could you relieve stress.

  20. A healthy person needs to be both physically as well as mentally healthy.Mental health may be define as functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment.Surviving Spirit is a blog about mental sickness and provides methods to eradicate negativity from life- gives life defining methods to overcome depression.
    I really loved the way you faced depression with so much of courage.Keep sharing such type of blogs
    Thank you for sharing this blog.

  21. Its so true that working from home really effects your mental health. I have been a Pilates instructor and freelancer for more than a decade. I spend most of the time at home working in front of a computer and when i am working with some clients they can make me so bad that it would turn a good day into a disaster so rapidly :/

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