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Many people start blogging as a hobby. In fact, a majority of pro-bloggers started blogging as a hobby. They never thought blogging would turn into a profitable business. Some have been able to earn a comfortable income from blogging enough to quit their 9-5 jobs. But does blogging really have the potential to generate such income? Yes it does but it won’t happen for many bloggers.

Blogging is not like a conventional 9-5 job. It allows you flexible hours and you have the luxury of working from anywhere and anytime you want to. But it doesn’t quite work out for every blogger.

Before you can consider blogging as a full-time job, there are some things you need to consider.

There’s more that goes into blogging

Blogging does not only involve creating content and posting it on your blog everyday. There is a lot more to blogging than that. As a blogger you have to promote your posts, pitch to brands, sort out your bookkeeping (or employ someone else to) and engage with people. You have to be a Jack of all trades to succeed as a blogger. Such activities could take up as much as 80% of your time but it is responsible for as much as 90% of your success. It is those activities that will help you earn a comfortable living.

Avenues for multiple streams of income

The real business behind blogging lies in the services you offer and the products you create. Services like consultancy, affiliate marketing or writing sponsored posts help diversify your income and increase your chances of raising your income potential.

Creating courses, ebooks or premium content that you offer in a membership site will create some passive income. These multiple streams of income can make you earn a lot more than your 9-5 salary.

Ability to determine how much income you want to make

Conventional jobs restrict you to a fixed salary. Blogging on the other hand gives you the opportunity to dictate how much money you want to earn. If you want to earn more, you can add more income streams, raise your rates, accept and chase after more work.

Unlike a 9-5 job, as a blogger you are in control of how much you want to earn. Some bloggers were able to earn double and even triple the salary they earned from their 9-5 job. Some even make their one year salary from one month of blogging, it all boils down to how successful you are.

Job security is ensured

With blogging you never run the risk of losing your job or being fired. Your business is always secure. You are your own boss.

Conventional jobs don’t give you this same opportunity. You could lose your job at any time. You work under a boss and you are subject to his orders.

When you’re blogging, your primary duty is to your readers and to your clients: If they like your work, your products or your services, then you will get more views and comments, which will lead to more work/income.

Doing what you love

Self-fulfillment is important in your life. Blogging gives you the opportunity to do what you love. You are able to do what you enjoy doing and at the same time earn a living from it. When you do what you love, there’s no limit to how far you can go or how much you could earn. The sky is just your starting point.



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  1. I wish I’d been able to read this a couple of years ago 🙂 You’re so right about the benefits of blogging as a job – I love being able to work for myself and only answering to myself, plus the flexibility is awesome! x

  2. Yes blogging if I was going to do it would be for me. I am not into working for someone else. Never have been, never will be.

    I was often changing jobs when I was a young person before I had my adult children even going back then. Bosses are well bosses. There are alot out there that are not fit to be bosses. I was very good at finding them hence the changes of job.

    Worked for myself in some shape or capacity from my 20’s. Then it was running the ex business, plus my own I set up in my 30’s. No mean feat that was. Now it’s freelance with recovery services.

    There are pluses and minuses to what I have always done. The pluses outweigh the minuses. Great article Stella

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  4. A great insight to blogging! I think my problem is, I don’t see it as my “work”. If I could just change my way of thinking, maybe I’d be better at making money out of blogging 😉 I’ve been blogging on and off for the past decade or so, mainly because I’ve always enjoyed it and never really saw it as business – therein lies the problem (as mentioned ;).

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  6. There are some great benefits, I think you have to be a certain type of person to do it FT. I love blogging but enjoy it as an add on, I love my job and wouldn’t want to leave. But that’s me! I’m glad others can make more out of blogging.

  7. I don’t make any money from blogging at the moment but this post is really great advice. So much work goes into blogging but I really like the idea of being my own boss! Great post. xx

  8. Yes it can as I do it full time, but as you say, having different income streams help. Blogging is not as easy as some people think but your post shows how with hard work if can be an income for some people

  9. Great insight into this career. There’s definitely good things and bad things about being a full time blogger. Personally not knowing how much you’ll make month to month is a thing that stops me from going full time for the moment x

  10. I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging, I started out recording my pregnancy. Now I am lucky that I do earn money and work from home which is amazing but so much work! So many people don’t seem to realise how hard it can be. x

  11. Blogging can definitely be a full time job. Right now I’m working from about 5 am to 5 pm trying to get everything done, but it’s really paying off. I have about £5k worth over the next 8 weeks, so yes, it’s definitely worth it. 🙂

  12. These are all great points and I agree but I also know that this wont work out for everyone. Not everyone will earn double or more there 9-5 salary because blogging as independent and self-fulling as it is its so unpredictable

  13. Damn good article. Maybe you can give your thoughts on the realistic timeframe between starting a blog and actually earning enough money to sustain yourself through it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. It feels like this is still pretty much uncharted territory regarding it’s potential, right?

    It’s a test of patience and persistence : D

    Sometimes it feels like a sport ^^

    I’m glad I found this blog!

  15. I think most new bloggers start blogging for the wrong reasons. This is my third blog and I finally figured out that I need to blog about what I love instead of trying to blog about things I think will make money for me.

  16. Getting involved in the full-time blogging industry, a combination of my love and my job. This instructive article describes the process of transforming a passion for writing into a lucrative business.

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