5 Ways to Promote your Next Blog Post

In all my years as a blogger, I learnt that promoting your blog post is as important as creating the blog post. Nobody will know about your blog post unless you do your bit to spread the news. This is where new bloggers get frustrated before they make any headway in blogging. Readers don’t come automatically. You have to bring your content to your readers.


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Here are 5 ways you can promote your blog post.


Be strategic with how you share your blog on social media

When it comes to sharing your blog post on social media, most bloggers just drop links to their blog posts on all the social media platforms. Although it is good to share your blog posts on social media, that should not be the only thing you do to promote your blog posts on social media.

Find Facebook groups on the niche you write in and if it’s allowed by the group rules, you can drop a link to your blog post. Take it further by interacting with members in the group and building relationships with them. Have conversations with influencers in other social networking platforms as well.

Another pro-tip is to share your old blog posts in your social media platforms to give these posts some exposure as well. Make sure you craft catchy and engaging social posts that complement your blog to get a conversation going. The key is building relationships and staying consistent with sharing content.


Comment on other blog posts often

This may come as a surprise to some of you but commenting on other blogs, especially blogs with thousands of readers will have attract eyeballs to your blog. But I must warn you that you need to make sure that you leave meaningful and valuable comments. Don’t just leave a one-line comment. Give your insight. Add value. Show your expertise. This is what will get the readers interested in checking out your own blog.


Feature or interview influencers in your blog posts

When you dedicate a blog post to an influencer, there is a possibility that they will share your blog post with their fans. This will give your blog post a lot of exposure when that happens.


Collaborate with other bloggers

You go far when you work with others. Collaborate with bloggers who have a larger following than you on a blog post or a project. That will create an opportunity for you to be put in front of their audience. There will be cross-promotion of your blog and the other blogger’s blog when you collaborate.


Join blogging communities

Blogging communities are a great space for bloggers of like minds. Everyone is interested in helping each other grow their blogs, solve blog related problems and give encouragement and support when the journey gets overwhelming.

Such blogging communities make a great avenue to increase the visibility of your blog post. This works only when you are active. Try and be a regular face in blogging communities. They give room to share your blog posts but you earn greater respect and more readers when you give value to the community as well.


Do you blog? How did you promote your most recent blog post?

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  1. Great tips…I hate the social media promotion side of having a blog, but it is so necessary. Sometimes though it can be so soul destroying not seeing your hard work getting read

  2. Great tips here Stella. So many things to learn when you first start blogging. I never really share any posts at first but now I spend a lot of time after I publish a post to try and promote it 🙂

  3. What good advice! I agree with all of these tips, particularly collaborating with other bloggers and joined blogging communities; not only are these great ways to promote your blog and get new people following you, but it’s a fun way to meet other bloggers.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with all of these Stella. My traffic was very stagnant, and practically non-existent. Then I discovered the blogging community Facebook groups and things to a turn for the better. I’ve found blogs I enjoy reading and love hearing what people think of my posts in return. Promoting your posts long after they’ve published is a must too. Social oomph for Twitter has been a huge help, as has Tailwind for Pinterest, for driving traffic to both my blog and older posts. Also, you get back out what you put into your blog so you need to invest your time in promotion and engagement with other bloggers and you’ll see a return on that investment x

  5. so far, i’ve been blogging for a number of years and i really enjoy that part of the process has been interacting with others doing the same thing and the opportunity to work with brands. at the moment i’ve been doing a lot of travelling which has helped me share different content but also meet other bloggers.

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  7. This post really came as a blessing.I hv just started blogging and feel clueless about promoting.Read many good blogs but you really put everything in a simple and effective manner.Thanks a lot dear.
    Here is link to my blog. Hope you like it.If you do then follow me back.Thanks in advance.
    Good Wishes.

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