L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store Playset

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My daughter is L.O.L Surprise obsessed! She is so into the whole L.O.L brand thanks to the many YouTube unboxing videos she watches. She started off loving My Little Pony and has collected pretty much all the ponies now. We are now (very) slowly building her L.O.L Surprise Dolls collection. She has about 7 dolls at the moment and we are looking at getting some more L.O.L dolls in the next few weeks to add to it. Which is why I got this L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store to store all her dolls nicely.

This Pop Up Store has come in very handy already. Usually, we have the dolls and the accessories all over the house. Which is why a few of the dolls and accessories are missing as I type. But thankfully, all that would be a thing of the past with this new storage playset.


L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store picture Doll Storage Image



This L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store is a 3-in-1 playset, display and carrying case!


Display Store

It can store up to 50 dolls and accessories, which is great. It looks great in her bedroom. We love the bright pink colour and the sparkly finish. It is such a beauty. This Pop Up Store has plenty of storage for the accessories, lil sisters dolls and more. We love it!



This  L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store has a couple of play areas. They include chic cafe, fashion boutique, and pizza parlour! This playset would definitely give your little one hours of fun, especially if they are into role play like my little diva.



L.O.L Surprise Doll Image Toys Review Picture L.O.L. Surprise! Pop-Up Store 3-in-1 Playset Picture


Carrying Case

This L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store also changes to a carrying case. This is a really handy feature because it means your little one can take a couple of her L.O.L dolls with her on holiday. I think this is one of the best features of this playset.


Instagold Exclusive L.O.L Doll

Another great part with the playset is the fact that it comes with an exclusive L.O.L Doll. We got Instagold which my daughter absolutely adores. It looks super good, and the accessories are super chic!


L.O.L Doll ImageDolls Review Image L.O.L. Surprise! Pop-Up Store 3-in-1 Playset IMAGE



Final thoughts

Overall, we recommend this L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store Playset. The only issue I have with it is with the bottom layer. It kind of moves easily. It would have been better if it was more sturdy. Another issue is the fact that the L.OL. Dolls that stand easily. It can be a little difficult putting them to stand upright. And the dolls can’t stand if the shoes are missing. You need the right shoes that came with the dolls to get them to stand upright.

Apart from the issues above, everything else is as it should be. It currently retails for £39.99 at most good toys stores. You can grab it here. Many call this playset pricy but I think it is just ok price wise. The L.O.L fans adore it and I can see why.


L.O.L. Surprise! Pop-Up Store 3-in-1 Playset picture Dolls Collection review image


You can watch our YouTube review here –


What do you think of this L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store Playset? Are your kids into the brand? Let’s chat in the comments section below.


Spending time on self-care this year

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The year 2019 is going to be a very different year for me. I decided on the first day of the year to make it a year to remember for all the right reasons, and I am going to make sure that happens. This year, I am paying attention to my general health, both mental and physical. Self-care is the theme of the year for me, and I am going to be loving on myself in order to be the best I can be.

Apart from eating and drinking right, reading as many books as possible, spending time relaxing and doing nothing as often as possible, and just doing what I want on some days, I am also focusing on my fitness life and trying my hands on meditating. Our self-care is so important.


hot chocolate image




Apart from my general workout routine from home (thank you YouTube), I will be focusing heavily on my tummy area. I want it flatter and firmer, so I have started some workout exercises to achieve that. I have been at it for sometime already, and I am hoping to start to seeing big results soon. The picture I have in my head is that of a very flat and firm tummy. I want the abs I didn’t even have pre babies, and I know I can get there if I put in the work. I am looking into Tricycles from Jorvik to help me stay fit as well. Cycling is an excellent way to keep those legs moving.



MAGIC Body Fashion Tummy Squeezer Lace


Shapewear image


Magic Body Fashion Image

While I am working on the having the perfect abs, I have MAGIC Body Fashion Tummy Squeezer Lace to help flatten my tummy area. The amazing panties help slim the tummy area within seconds. I love the fact that it is totally invisible underneath the clothing. You won’t know I was wearing one, if I didn’t tell you. It is also very comfortable unlike other shape wear clothing. You can grab this in Black, Rose and Latte colours for £26.50.



I started meditating with the help on a cool app – Headspace on my iPhone. Meditation is always something I have wanted to try but didn’t know how to go about it. But thanks to Headspace, it has been an easy ride. I am new to meditating, so I am only doing it for 3 mins at a time, morning and night. So far, I am loving it. It makes me feel lighter, clear my head and frees my mind. Which is just what I need to stay productive. I am looking forward to reaping all the benefits of meditating. I have heard there are numerous, and can’t wait to experience them all.

The mind is a powerful thing and it is shocking how many of us neglect ours but pay attention to everything else. Most of us usually neglect our mind until it is too late, and we are dealing with all sorts of mental health issues. I am not making that mistake. I am feeding my body, mind and soul some TLC this year and going forward.


Any specific plans for self-care this year? Do you meditate? What has your experience been like?


照顧新生兒責任重大,其中有三項重點:包括滿足他們的營養需求,定期清潔護理他們幼嫩的皮膚,並確保他們心理和生理都能夠漸漸適應新環境。在剛出生的頭幾年,嬰兒的身體,特別是皮膚會經歷較多的變化: 包括初始保護層(vernix caseosa)的脫落以及他們膚色的轉變。


Skincare image


考慮到這些皮膚的變化,家長可參考一般護理嬰兒肌膚的方法: 包括每週三次定期洗澡、使用溫和的護膚產品,如aveeno嬰兒護膚品、定期更換尿布、並確保嬰兒居住的環境沒有灰塵或其他污染物。



  • 定期沐浴有助嬰兒去除初始保護層,從而保持嬰兒皮膚潔淨。每週沐浴三次除了確保皮膚清潔,還可以預防皮膚乾燥。大多數兒科醫生會建議在初出生幾週內使用普通肥皂和溫水來洗澡,避免刺激性化學物質接觸嬰兒嫩肌。
  • 隨著嬰兒年齡的增長,可能需要轉用某些護膚產品: 包括用於清潔尿布區域的嬰兒濕紙巾,使用嬰兒洗髮水清洗頭髮,以及使用有保濕功效的肥皂。對於皮膚乾燥的嬰兒,使用天然油可能更合適於治療皮膚剝落和一般皮膚不適。
  • 除了嬰兒護膚產品,投資在高品質的尿片並定期替寶寶更換,也是確保健康皮膚的關鍵步驟。家長需確保尿片不會長時間停留在嬰兒的肌膚,主要是因為糞便和尿液會引起刺激,使嬰兒的皮膚生病並容易引發其他潛在的疾病。
  • 家長亦需確保室內環境衛生: 包括定期打掃房間、掃掉灰塵並投放置加濕器以保持空氣濕潤,此舉有助提升嬰兒的整體舒適感。由於嬰兒的免疫系統尚未完全發育,應盡量避免空氣中的灰塵和花粉影響他們的健康。







在護理嬰兒皮膚方面,家長的考慮需要更全面: 包括他們不斷變化的身體狀況,以及四周圍的環境狀況。當內在和外在都滿足考慮條件時,毫無疑問,擁有潔淨皮膚的嬰兒通常會呈現一個快樂舒適的模樣,並隨著年齡的增長舒心地成長。

除了維持身體健康外,父母和孩子之間的關愛時刻也間接促進了成人和嬰孩皮膚的親密接觸,而形成「袋鼠護理」,為孩子產生更多心理健康上的好處: 包括依戀母親,減少焦慮,增強兒童認知發展,以及促進父母和孩子之間的親密關係。




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The Impact of Having Clean Baby Skin

Taking care of a newborn comes with several responsibilities. This includes meeting their nutritional needs, cleaning their skin regularly, and making sure they are able to adjust to their environment accordingly. During the first years of life, a baby’s body– particularly its skin undergoes several changes. This includes the fact that their body shed their initial protective layers (vernix caseosa) as well as their skin tone generally evening out to adjust to the environment.


With these changes in mind, it helps to keep the child’s skin healthy. This includes regular baths three times a week, using gentle products like aveeno嬰兒護膚品, regularly changing their diapers between uses, and ensuring their environment is free from dust and other pollutants.


Here are ways on how products and care influence a baby’s skin:


  • Regular baths help ensure clean baby skin by helping the body remove its initial waxy protection. Bathing three times a week also ensures that the skin stays clean without necessarily drying it out. Most pediatricians may suggest using plain soap and lukewarm water during the first few weeks to avoid harsh chemicals.


  • Eventually, as the baby becomes older certain products may be required as long as they are safe to use. This includes baby wipes for cleaning their diaper areas, using baby shampoo to wash their hair, and using effective soap that helps retain moisture. For babies with dry skin, they may benefit from natural oils which helps treat flaking and general discomfort.


  • Aside from skin products, investing in high-quality diapers and nappies plus regularly changing them between usesis a crucial step in ensuring healthy skin. The most important step is for parents to make sure that these diapers don’t stay long after they have been used. The reason for this is because fecal matter and urine can cause irritation which makes the baby sick and prone to potential diseases.


  • With these steps in mind, ensuring that their environment stays clean contributes to a baby’s overall sense of comfort. This includes regularly dusting their room and investing in a humidifier to keep the air moist. The reason why cleaning their surrounding environment is needed is because a baby’s immune system has yet to fully develop, making them susceptible to the dust and pollen in the air which could eventually affect their skin as well as their entire bodies.



Final Thoughts

When it comes to ensuring a baby’s skin is clean and healthy, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. This includes their ever-changing bodies, regular bathing periods, frequent diaper use, and their surrounding environment. When all these needs are met, there is no doubt that a baby with clean skin often presents a happy and comfortable baby who can adjust safely in their environment as they grow older.

Aside from physical health reasons, these moments of care between parent and child also promote skin-to-skin contact or “kangaroo care” which yield several psychological benefits. Some of which include better maternal attachment behavior, reduced anxieties, enhanced child cognitive development, and a stronger relationship between parent and child.


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