Do what brings you joy

Joy is the highest form of energy, the highest frequency. It is the most powerful emotion and the one emotion many people lack the most. Joy comes from within. It is not something that can happen outside of you. Which is why many of us struggle with this emotion because we spend more time looking at outwards than inwards. We seek acceptance, love, happiness and validation from others and we neglect our inner being. This post is just a quick reminder on the reasons why we should focus on what brings us joy. I will be writing my lifestyle posts like this because I feel a lot more needs to be said about topics like this.

This morning, my meditation was all about activating joy and activate I did. It was a 22 minutes guided mediation on YouTube, and it helped me connect with my inner joy. That is the great power of mediation. We all need to focus on what brings us joy and do them everyday. That way we feed ourselves emotionally and stay grounded in the midst of the chaos.


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Do what brings you joy

So what brings you joy? For me I have really found myself for the first time in my life, and that brings me so much joy. The joy that comes from being self aware is second to none. You don’t need acceptance or validation from anyone when you are self aware, when you know who you are. When you are sure of yourself, you know what you want and you go after it without reservations. You don’t need anyone to give you a pat on the back, you just get on with it because you are sure of yourself and that brings so much joy.


Self awareness helped me find my joy

Being self aware and confident has allowed me focus on my passions and future. I work from work and that allows me care for my children the way I want to and also support my family. It has also allowed me study from home. I started studying with The Open University last month; I am studying a Psychology degree and the fact that I am able to have this sort of lifestyle for now brings me so much joy. Being able to work and study from home is amazing and it feels my heart with so much joy. However, I needed to look within and stay within to find my joy. If I listened to others or compared myself with them, I won’t be where I am today. I will be busy keeping up with the Joneses and I would have been filled with regrets upon regrets. Staying grounded helped me find my joy and keep it.


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When you do what brings you joy, your life purpose will unfold. That is what happened to me. I now know for certain what my life purpose is and I am going to achieve all I am destined to achieve. I love this quote –

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~David Viscott.

This short quote sums it all up. To find your gift and give it away, you must be self aware. Being self aware and working on your life’s purpose will bring you more joy that you could ever imagine. Look within and find your joy.



OOTD: The Suede Look

OOTD: The Suede Look

Suede Dress Image

Hey peoples. It is a new week and I have a new outfit for you. I am so proud of myself, so far this year, I have had at least 2 outfit posts each week. I have been super organised, planning outfits well in advance, and finding the time to actually photograph them, against all odds. I hope this organisation carries on for the rest of the year. It will be amazing.

There is something about the suede material. I find it so very chic, so it should come as no surprise that I have quite a few suede pieces and accessories. Suede pieces play a major role in my winter wardrobe, I find them stylish, easy to wear, and dead warm. Perfect for the chilly weather.

Red Herring Suede Tan Dress Image

Suede Tan Dress Picture

I love this Red Herring tan sleeveless suede dress. It is the PERFECT dress. It can take you from day to-night easily, and the relaxed fit is so my style. I got this beauty in the sales, it was a whooping 70% off, best bargain ever.

My only issue with this piece is I am not too sure how to get it cleaned. the label say no washing, no tumble drying, dry clean only, but on the website it says machine washable. I know the label instructions should override any other instructions, but I am kind of hoping I can wash it in the washing machine. Not tried to yet as I am scared I will ruin it, but I tend to avoid dry clean only pieces as much as I can because of the whole stress of going to the dry cleaners, every time I need to get a piece cleaned.

The Suede Outfit Image

Outfit Post Suede Dress Image

OOTD The Suede Look Picture

Do you own any suede clothing? How do you get it cleaned? Please share some tips.


Dress – Red Herring Debenhams

Tights – Next

Boots – Timberland

Bag – JOY

Coat – The Collection Debenhams

Watch – Fossil

Earrings – Swarovski





OOTD: What To Wear To Work

Hey peoples, autumn is here already, did I hear you say oh no? Well, I kind of feel your pain, summer went by so quickly this year, it was the shortest summer ever, everyone is still moaning about it. As for me, I am going embrace the autumn season with open arms, look forward to the new stylish pieces and accessories coming up and show off my bare legs for as long as the weather allows me. Hey autumn, be good to me.



For this ‘What To Wear To Work’ outfit post, I am rocking some of my latest wardrobe additions, this black and white dress by London Times US was a gift, my black sandals by Michael Kors sandal is making its first appearance on the blog and this Louche Denksey Leather Bag by JOY is also new. I love this bag so much because it is the perfect size; I love my bags large, so I can carry all my junk with me easily, I love the fact that it is real leather; it screams quality from a distance, and the ponyskin contrast panel is so chic and bang on trend. I love this bag.



Let me introduce you to this cool brand, JOY is a fashion and lifestyle brand, known for its unique accessories and innovative womenswear. The brand celebrates individuality and expression, so if stylish pieces and accessories with a vintage flair and a British stamp sounds right up your street, JOY is the store to shop.



Black and White Dress – London Times via Ross

Black Sandals – Michael Kors

Cream Blazer – Miss Selfridge

Black and Bag – c/o JOY

Sunnies – Gucci

Leopard Print Scarf – Next

White and Gold Watch – Michael Kors

Necklace worn as a Bracelet – Dorothy Perkins

What do you think of this outfit? Will you wear this to work? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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